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Knowledge, skills and competencies... Tasks... Performance... Relationships... Results... Motivation... What is the CONNECTION between them? The HUMAN who can and will... But does he really will? Where does the motivation come from? What accelerates him?
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You KNOW whom you want, we tell you HOW he will fit.

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Quick-Scan Profile Emblem

Quick-Scan Profile

Answer just a few questions and get a Quick-Scan Profile immediately! Are you interested in?:

  • How fast can a person react and take actions?
  • Can he tolerate the stress and the workload? How much?
  • What is his work style like?
  • How does he complete a task? By the way, what tasks can he do the best?
  • How much can he fit in a certain position?
  • What is his emotional behaviour like?
  • How much attention and feedback does he need?
  • What is his assertiveness level like?
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Full Profile Emblem

Full-Scan Profile

Full-Scan Profile is a report that contains more than you expect. It gives you a full description about the points drafted in Quick-Scan Profile, plus you will get an insight into these dimensions as well:

  • What motivates and demotivates the person?
  • How does he behave in conflicts?
  • How can the person be helped to build on his strengths in order to be more productive?
  • What can you expect from this person in decision making, coordinating more tasks, leadership, and team-player mentality point of view?
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Compatibility Emblem

Compatibility and
Integration Scanning

Adequate professional background and experience are rarely enough to be a high performer in the new workplace or position: integration in the team and culture, and getting on board with the goals of the organisation can challenge the best ones as well:

  • How much will he be compatible with the other colleagues or his superior?
  • What differences will make the relationship with the subordinates difficult and how to overcome them?
  • What can his superior do in order to support the integration and to motivate him?
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